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What will you get from a Virtual Office?

Businesses can benefit from virtual offices in the following ways:

Business postal address

A business postal address makes a company appear more prestigious than it would be if it used its real address.


If you're planning meetings in and around your virtual office, a receptionist can help because it makes your virtual office look less virtual to your customers and business partners.

Mail handling

If you're getting mail sent to an address you don't control, this is an excellent service to use to have all of your mail scanned and emailed to you so you can remain on top of your paperwork.

Meeting rooms

Not having access to a "full-time" real physical desk does not longer mean you can't meet your client, you can book a meeting room and set up a meeting with your client twice a month.

Answer / Voicemail

Answering and voicemail services are available.
This just lets you manage your incoming calls and eliminates the need to give out your personal phone number; instead, use a real landline number that makes you appear more professional!

Virtual Office Prices

Mailbox only HKD520/month (minimum of 6 months)

Long term contract: 12 months minimum  |  Short term contract: 1 to 11 months

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